Brighton & Hove Events

Over the last ten years of getting women starting to run, then running further and faster, we recognise the value of attaching our training courses to events so that you have that extra motivation to keep you going through training. It works! Here’s our chosen events for the summer of 2019

For summer 2019, these events are

Weakest Link, Wednesday 19 June, 7pm – a team event of four runners. Lots of fun and suitable for all levels. Tell us you’re in and we’ll sort out the teams. (read our review of the event here).

Maverick Trail Race, 5k, 15k or 23k, Saturday 29 June – our favourite trail running company launch their first are on our doorstep in Stanmer Park. Too good not to miss. Discounts available for GRTW runners.

Beat the Tide, Sunday 14th July – a fun 10k dash across the sand, beating the tide before it laps your feet!

Run 5.30am – Fri 19 July, established with the help of one of our runners who is also an event organiser, a fun very early morning run when the city still sleeps.

TrailBlazer 10k, Sun, 21 July, 11am – another favourite trail event that’s on our doorstep and finishes with lots of cake!

Ancient Trails, 15k, Sun Sept 8, 9.30am established by the Runner’s World columnist, Sam Murphy, this is a beautiful trail run across the Rye countryside…there’s even a 30k should you wish to go longer.

Barnes Green 10k or half marathon, Sun Sept 29, 10am a long established flat(ish) run through the countryside. Great PB potential.