GRTW Adventure Series

Our Brighton Girls Run the World Adventure Series is all about adding a little bit of magic to your running. The emphasis is on fun, adventure and exploring – and running of course but most of the time you won’t even think about the running.
It’s open to EVERYONE, it doesn’t matter how far or fast/slow you can run, this is fully inclusive so you don’t have to worry about any of that.
Aside from and administrative fee of £20 for ALL seven events, which we charge to help us put these events on, it’s absolutely FREE.
You pay once, and then you need to register for each individual event that you wish to attend, choosing the free space option.

Here’s the link to the first event. If you click and read the description, you’ll find the dates and details of all the others that will take you right the way through to the summer.

Tuesday 14th March Girls Run the World Full Moon Trail Run, 7.15pm

Tuesday 28th March, Girls Run the World Sunset Trail Run, 7.15pm

Tuesday 18th April, Girls Run the World Easter Treasure Trail Run Hunt, 7.15pm

Tuesday 9th May, Girls Run the World Chase the Hare Challenge, 7.15pm

Tuesday 6th June, Girls Run the World Run to Yoga on the Downs, 7pm

Tuesday 27th June, Girls Run the World Urban Adventure Race, 7.15pm

Tuesday 15th July, Girls Run the World Run, Yoga, Swim, 7pm